Uno - The Legend - Bowhunting Whitetails 192 Inches

  • Published: 30 November 2019
  • Six years of history and four years of pursuing Uno is finally over. The amount of time and work invested in chasing this deer is beyond measure. There's really no words to describe what my family and I went through in the journey of chasing Uno. Many days I questioned my ability, sanity, and character. Was I too invested in chasing this deer? Did I sacrifice too much at the home-front to chase him? Was it really worth it?

    These are just a few questions I've asked myself almost daily. I've never had a deer beat me this long and feel so defeated. I've never had a deer consume my everyday thoughts as much as Uno. I've never had a deer make me question myself almost daily. Uno did all of those things to me.

    In the end, I truly feel it was worth it after seeing my wife's reaction and receiving so many heart warming messages from friends and family. Uno was and always will be a legend to my circle of friends, family, and myself. I have the upmost respect for this whitetail and will never forget the never ending chase and the hardships I endured doing so. This story is much more than a deer. Not only did I learn more about this deer, but I learned more about myself, my family, and friends through the entirety of this chase. I would like to thank God, my wife, my daughters, my family, and good friends in giving me the strength in ending this quest. Without them, there's no story, no dream come true, or an end to a six year quest. Uno, as hard as it may be to say this at times, Thank You! I've grown as a hunter, but more importantly grown as a person throughout this journey.

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    God Bless!

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Comments • 361

  • Kenneth McGovern
    Kenneth McGovern  8 hours back

    Absolutely a beautiful trophy of a lifetime congratulations .

    • Cj Heer
      Cj Heer  11 hours back

      Congrats on the deer of a lifetime and I will say this was one of the most touching stories I have ever watched thank you for sharing this great story

    • Angelo Gountas
      Angelo Gountas  13 hours back

      And you 100% correct about heavier arrows I would never shoot a light arrow and mechanical ...lost two deer that way

      • Angelo Gountas
        Angelo Gountas  13 hours back

        Maaaaaan God bless you you make it look so easy but I'm sure it ain't.......wish I lived at same state as you or owned property there

        • yoboySquishy
          yoboySquishy  1 days back

          He shot way to high on university that's why he stayed up so long

          • Jake Weaver
            Jake Weaver  1 days back

            that is one great deer

            • StonedGamer41 9
              StonedGamer41 9  2 days back

              Everyone’s talking about how good of a Hunter you are but when I hunt I hunt to kill as humanely as possible n make sure I take the best cleanest and fastest kill shot I can get it was sad seeing him stagger an suffer you really do need to work on your accuracy because that was an awful shot you practice long range shots for no reason I don’t shoot more then 20-30 yards but nice buck dick head

              • Team Radical
                Team Radical   2 days back

                1) 1st shot actually pierced both lungs. Arrow was lodged in the frontal part of them to my surprise.
                2) if you watched the video, I got down snuck up and stuck him in the vitals again and ended it. I did this because I didn't want to see him suffer.
                3) Guess you're a pro. I will say this wasn't my best shot of my career but it did get the job done, just not as quick as I'd like. Practice long range to hone your shorter range skills. About any bowhunter knows that. Good day

            • Jake Julseth
              Jake Julseth  2 days back

              click this you won't regret it









































              • Xxxtentacion Vids
                Xxxtentacion Vids  2 days back

                hunters like him is the reason i keep hunting

                • Team Radical
                  Team Radical   2 days back

                  Wow greatly appreciate that! God Bless

              • James J. McCloud
                James J. McCloud  2 days back

                I wanna see the full body mount pics

                • Team Radical
                  Team Radical   2 days back

                  We'll be posting on our other social media platforms when done for sure!

              • Drawing Nearer Inc.
                Drawing Nearer Inc.  2 days back

                Great journey and a great end to it, congrats! You touched on something at the end when you talked about opportunities, being thankful, and being away from family. I touched on that very topic in a video I did awhile back. I hope you all don't mind if I drop a link to that here because that's something a lot of us hunters wrestle with. Thanks & God Bless!

                • Ronald McGuire
                  Ronald McGuire  3 days back

                  In all things give thanks ... what is buck!

                • Landon Kane
                  Landon Kane  3 days back


                  • Steve Bulmer
                    Steve Bulmer  3 days back

                    In Australia we would say , cry me a river you cry baby

                    • Steve Bulmer
                      Steve Bulmer  3 days back

                      You made a birthday cake ol son and couldn't blow the candles out .

                      Poor uno

                      • Steve Bulmer
                        Steve Bulmer  3 days back

                        What a loser , you are definitely no legend
                        After 6 yrs you do that to the poor old bastard..
                        It was so pretty sad watching uno stagger like that
                        What a poor shot , like honestly
                        I would be so dissapointed you really didn't deserve him

                        • Richard Webb
                          Richard Webb  3 days back

                          The hooves have not been wasted, they will be ground into a powder and used to cure his erectile dysfunction. Good luck.

                          • Rich Mcdermott
                            Rich Mcdermott  3 days back

                            Just for the sake of the deer please practice some more. That was a perfect 20 yard quartering shot and you missed a foot forward. That deer suffered much more than it should have. Otherwise that is a beautiful deer. Congrats.

                            • Casper Caus
                              Casper Caus  2 days back

                              I was thinking the same, a legend like that needs a great death

                          • Matt Judy
                            Matt Judy  3 days back

                            Just goes to show you, dont cull deer

                            • Truth is the new hate speech

                              Tracking dog walks right pass deer. Wtf

                              • Team Radical
                                Team Radical   3 days back

                                He was on the Deer actual trail. I just saw the deer before the dog made the J hook where he was laying. Dog was on point for sure

                            • scott stankowski
                              scott stankowski  4 days back

                              Great buck but That’s a lot of video of a properly groomed beard. I fast forwarded through the selfies to hear about a bowel issue and how long the deer suffered. In both instances would be better left to himself.

                              • Team Radical
                                Team Radical   4 days back

                                Need to rewind a bit then you missed a lot. Sorry you didn't enjoy seeing my beautiful face

                            • Chip Chipperton
                              Chip Chipperton  4 days back

                              Amazing buck and fabulous video. It was awesome that you included the prayers of the gentlemen with the tracking dog. Thank you for including this in the video. Thank you for sharing.

                            • Sister Oliver
                              Sister Oliver  4 days back

                              This is like a anonymous stalker video

                              • Joe Conley
                                Joe Conley  4 days back

                                Great story and one beautiful Buck. God was good for you👍

                                • tom herren
                                  tom herren  5 days back

                                  Wow!!!! What a story. I’m glad your daughters are healthy and happy. This is my first video that I’ve seen with you. You seem like an upstanding young man. You deserved to get this buck. God bless you and your family my hunting brother.

                                  • Team Radical
                                    Team Radical   5 days back

                                    Thank you sir I appreciate it! God Bless.

                                • Scott Rolfe
                                  Scott Rolfe  5 days back

                                  Great deer and great story! I feel bad for you Midwest guys with too many friggin deer! That’s a lifetime of sightings for us Northeasters 🤣

                                  • Scott Rolfe
                                    Scott Rolfe  5 days back

                                    Listened to your story on nine finger chronicles first- you have one incredibly understanding wife! Glad your family is all healthy and well.

                                  • Team Radical
                                    Team Radical   5 days back

                                    Definitely blessed there for sure!

                                • Justin Oss
                                  Justin Oss  5 days back

                                  Great Buck! Thanks for sharing the story. I can't imagine what a quest like that must feel like. I chased buck for 3 years and it was one of the most emotional harvests I have ever been part of. Nice work!

                                  • Team Radical
                                    Team Radical   5 days back

                                    Thank you and congrats to you as well that's awesome!

                                • Allen Chason
                                  Allen Chason  5 days back

                                  Awesome buck and story, congrats!

                                  • Evan Swift
                                    Evan Swift  5 days back

                                    What kind of dog is that?

                                  • Keyan Donnelly
                                    Keyan Donnelly  5 days back

                                    Should of opened him up right away to cool him down especially after waiting 5 hours to track him. Nice deer though congrats

                                    • Corkfish1
                                      Corkfish1  5 days back

                                      Looks like one in my backyard. You can pretty much feed him by hand.

                                      • SuicidalRoach
                                        SuicidalRoach  6 days back

                                        Are you wearing bibs or pants? And what jacket is that?

                                        • SuicidalRoach
                                          SuicidalRoach  6 days back

                                          @Team Radical thanks for the fast reply! I just purchased the fanatic jacket and bibs. Need to find a good cold weather balaclava and I'm ready for the end of the month and January bow hunts.

                                        • Team Radical
                                          Team Radical   6 days back

                                          Both. Stratus bibs. Stratus pants. Stratus Jacket. All by Sitka.

                                      • Bullet-Man
                                        Bullet-Man  6 days back

                                        What I like most about this video is you, I can easily see you're a good person. Excellent family and friends are the most important. Congratulations on an amazing animal, I never seen brows so long,, unreal. Thanks for sharing!

                                        • Team Radical
                                          Team Radical   6 days back

                                          Thank you and glad you enjoyed it. God Bless

                                      • Brandy McCloy
                                        Brandy McCloy  6 days back

                                        What state do you live in

                                        • Caoilainn Walsh
                                          Caoilainn Walsh  6 days back

                                          please stop killing deer

                                        • Honest Fellow
                                          Honest Fellow  6 days back

                                          Amazing! Just feel like you need either different broadheads or a stronger bow.
                                          My arrows always go through or atleast 3/4 of the way in at 30 yards

                                          • Team Radical
                                            Team Radical   6 days back

                                            @Honest Fellow thank you and yes some of those were and were expandables. Used fixed blade striker V2 this yr and has done wonders on penetration. Thanks for watching, appreciate it.

                                          • Honest Fellow
                                            Honest Fellow  6 days back

                                            Team Radical in that case right on! Couldn’t see that from the video but a few of the shots in the beginning also looked shallow.

                                            Congrats on that monster! Great content!

                                          • Team Radical
                                            Team Radical   6 days back

                                            Wish I'd shown what I actually hit. Touched entry shoulder and actually pierced through opposite shoulder and arrow was lodged through both of his lungs at the front of them. Def no bow or broadhead issue.

                                        • Jonathan Echols
                                          Jonathan Echols  7 days back

                                          I believe that right there is one reason for the CWD. People have went and made a god out of it.

                                          • Jonathan Echols
                                            Jonathan Echols  4 days back

                                            I wasn't talking about you. I was speaking in general.

                                          • Team Radical
                                            Team Radical   5 days back

                                            @Jonathan Echols last time I checked you're not God. You may judge but his judgement is all that matters. How do you know when or how I devote my time? That's right you don't and I do put God and my family in front of my hunting. And honestly what a great place to meet God. In his beautiful outdoors, one on one time with him in a tree stand is truly amazing.

                                          • Jonathan Echols
                                            Jonathan Echols  5 days back

                                            Thou shalt have no other god before me. And people have went and made deer hunting a god. Cant live a devoted life to God. But they will go and spend hrs in a tree stand. Give pay their tithes but will spend hundreds even thousands on food plots and new hunting equipment every year. Cant spend time with family but will set for hrs in a stand. It's gotten to where it's not even about putting food on the table any more. If it was they they wouldn't pass up all the does and young bucks to go after the trophy. They've made a god of it. And so God is bringing some judgment to it.

                                          • Team Radical
                                            Team Radical   5 days back

                                            ? Please elaborate

                                        • Jonathan Echols
                                          Jonathan Echols  7 days back

                                          Ive often wondered. How do antlers taste?

                                          • David Reck
                                            David Reck  7 days back

                                            30:05 to 30:21 that’s what she said 🤣🤣

                                            • Rafe Goettertz
                                              Rafe Goettertz  7 days back

                                              That deer is a giant

                                              • Joseph Gaines
                                                Joseph Gaines  7 days back

                                                Fuck you , godley people

                                              • Mike Gibson
                                                Mike Gibson  7 days back

                                                Terrible shot...a shame that majestic deer had to suffer that much before dying

                                                • Larry Riffett
                                                  Larry Riffett  1 weeks back

                                                  Congratulations awesome buck of a lifetime and it's great you have your priorities in check. God family and friends country amen.

                                                • CICHLID STRAIN HUNTER
                                                  CICHLID STRAIN HUNTER  1 weeks back

                                                  Man I'm not a Hunter more of a fisherman but goog grief those brow times are crazy That's for shore a once in a lifetime deer👍

                                                  • SILAS ORION
                                                    SILAS ORION  4 days back

                                                    CICHLID STRAIN HUNTER ....tines not Times, sure not shore

                                                • Sasha Sorsdal
                                                  Sasha Sorsdal  1 weeks back

                                                  Just shot my fiest deer today a six point buck

                                                  • Clayton McDonald
                                                    Clayton McDonald  1 weeks back

                                                    Good video bud. First time seeing you. Great hunting. Subbing. Very nice that You included a prayer...

                                                  • Zach Johnson
                                                    Zach Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                    Nice buck, gotta ask, what Sitka jacket is that?

                                                  • Sara Estep
                                                    Sara Estep  1 weeks back

                                                    I now your budd Lucas he send me a pic of your buck